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All about EYEBROWS!

All about EYEBROWS!

Alice and Suzie draw on eyebrows

This post is all about eyebrows! (and and some eyeliner)

As I’m sure most of you are aware, having good eyebrows has been fashionable for a number of years now, with the likes of Cara Delvigne with her impressive pair. But, some of us are not so lucky…

So, Suzie and I decided to play around with our brows to see what works well, and what not so much. We both have red tones of hair and with that usually comes fair (in my case) and very blond (in Suzie’s case) eyebrow colour. So it was very interesting to see how having a darker brow broke up the face, making it look less long and quote by Suzie – less like a boiled egg!

So what shape should you draw or shape your brows too? This depends on your face shape, I have a fairly round face which apparently can take an arched brow, Suzie’s is longer so is recommended a flatter less curved brow.

I am currently slave to Rimmel’s brow pencil in ‘Hazel’ and feel utterly naked without it. Here’s a before and after pic to show the difference:

No makeup eeek!… Then mascara but no eyebrow pencil…   Then eyebrows pencilled!

Pencil on eye brows

And Suzie usually leaves her eye brows o’natural (they are very fair because of having ginger hair) but she fancied a change, so tested out Eylure’s pencil – no.30 Blonde with her favourite natural brand mascara by Benecos and topped up the look with a felt pen style eye liner – Voluminous Felt liner by MUA 

How to draw on eye brows
Enjoy this article that lets you swipe off the eyebrows of celebrities to see what they look like without them:
Celebrity eyebrow swiper.
Want to find out why eyebrows are so in right now and discover the shape for your face. Go to eyebrow top tips here ‘why eyebrows are so now

We’ll keep you in the loop as our brow journey continues… Watch this space! And please let us know about your great brow tricks and tips.

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