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Baby Massage London E3, E8, E9, N1, EC1, E1

Baby Massage London E3, E8, E9, N1, EC1, E1

Baby massage classes

With 10yrs experience of working with babies, I teach developmental baby massage, this style of baby massage combines massage and movements (soft gymnastics), encouraging you and your baby to relax and have fun together. Regular practice helps build your confidence and will help ease birth trauma, colic, constipation and more. It can help relax babies with reflux (it helped my son). Massage works muscles and the joints, increases flexibility, you learn a lovely skill for life. I teach small groups in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with high personal attention.  Organic baby massage oil and drinks provided.
Written materials provided and certificate on course completion. 25% discount on all soothe-me products while on course.

Classes in London, for latest classes please email, thank you!


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  1. Marion Bignone
    10 years ago

    it is nothing like a massage to feel relaxed, happy and closer to my body. So I thought that massage could bring a lot to my little too. and the sooner the better.

    I have then looked for a class and I saw Suzie#s advert. I went to her website, wrote to her as I hooked to her natural and simple way to help to bond with your little and give the best for him. I gave then a trial and we loved it. Thomas was 4 weeks and class after class Suzie helps us to feel and do well. it was just great to see thomas loving it more and more, smiling and the last class he did not cry at all.

    The class is so relaxing for the baby but aslo for the mum. the health value is also so beneficial: digestion, streching… I am now having a little massage every morning and once he gets a bit annoyed by his stomach i use the techniques. it is great to know you can help him…. as sometimes you feel so useless…

    i can not wait to start baby yoga…

    Marion Bignone 31 yo – Tower Hill and Thomas – 7 weeks

  2. Rebecca
    9 years ago

    Baby James (5 months) and I really enjoyed our fabulous time with Suzie who so enthusiastically taught us loads of baby massage techniques.

    James is quite a wiggly baby and Suzie often adapted & adjusted the content depending on how the babies were taking it. She taught us some great strokes appropriate to do with baby fully clothed, sitting on your lap – great to use every opportunity to soothe, relieve & connect with our precious wee babies.

    Since doing the course James now enjoys a daily massage during nappy-off time. Many of our friends and family have looked on jealously & commented that they’d love the same treatment to get them in the mood for sleep! I’m sure it’s helped his sleeping and also weight gain in the past few weeks.

    Would thoroughly recommend this to any carer of a small baby.


  3. Jo Cheeseman
    9 years ago

    A few of us from my NCT group first met Suzie for baby massage in October 09, and continued to see her most weeks until May this year – that’s how fab she is!

    We started the massage when our babies were about 6 weeks old and found it really good fun, educational and very useful. She teaches a very hands on approach and I in particular found it helped my daughter Charlotte who suffered badly for several months with colic. Her products are lovely too, we all bought her massage oil.

    When our babies were bigger we moved onto her yoga classes which were brilliant. The classes are fun for the babies and also good for toning up mums triceps and for getting a good stretch…we also did some good core strength work. We only ended our classes when we all returned to work after 9 months but intend to try to meet up with her again on one of our days off.

    So thanks again Suzie, we all looked forward every week to our classes with you and you became an honorary member of our NCT group.

    Jo Cheeseman (Islington)

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