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Blackout Nights

Blackout nights with soothe-me skincare

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By Annabel Wyatt.

When I first heard about blackout nights from Hannah Maggs’ YouTube vlogs, and on her personal blog here – I thought this was a great idea! We all spend so much time in front of computers (I’m not talking for work purposes – that’s important!) that it’s important to take a moment or a few hours once a week, to have some quality down to earth time away from what’s happing on the internet or TV. Turn off all the electrical devices – no TV either! and just be you! It’s a bit strange at first; in a “what am I going to do?” kind of way. You don’t quite know where to put yourself! Here are my tips for starting black out nights:

  • Make a date night – What’s more romantic than quality one on one time? And much cheaper than going out as well. Talk about the best part of your day and the worst; re connect away from everybody else.
  • Cook dinner! Easy – get the family involved, then eat at the table and have some after dinner games ready.
  • Massive pamper nights – turn the whole house into a spa! Everybody gets bathed and cleaned. Try a bit of yoga on the side and some massages too.
  • Indoor camping – bring the sleeping bags down, tell ghost stories and pretend your in the woods.
  • Catch up on important tasks – Black out nights are a great procrastination killer! Need to send a letter or do some paper work? Is there that one DIY task hanging around? Or just that book you really wanted to read? Now’s the time to get it done!

As well a reconnecting, black out nights offer some awesome time to moderate kids time with Ipads (see blog post here) and computers,  make it something fun that you’ll look forward too and you’ll be wanting to do black out nights more than once a week! What are you going to do on your black out night? We really want to hear about it! Find soothe-me on social: FaceBookTwitterInstagramYouTubePinterest

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