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Aqueous cream 'aggravates eczema' BBC

By Nov 21, 2010 0 comment
Read this report from the BBC. (Its something I knew already but its nice to have it proven!) “Cream often prescribed to relieve the symptoms of eczema may be making the condition worse, researchers claim. Scientists at Bath University found that aqueous cream thinned the skin after a few weeks of use. This, they say, is because […]
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Super Baby Oil

Super Baby Oil – the best baby oil, for super healthy baby skin. After years of tweaking I believe, I have created the best ever baby oil I have made to date!! Going by the results of use on my son, myself and from its brilliant customer feedback. Its 100% natural and organic, with a delicious scent […]
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Help stop babies scratching Eczema

I stumbled across these in my search to help stop my son scratching at night, you may find then very useful too… (wording taken from Scratch-sleeves website) Stopping babies and toddlers scratching themselves can be a real challenge, especially as they get older and can take off traditional scratch mitts. ScratchSleeves are invaluable in coping […]
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Beautiful Fairtrade Shea Oil products

I have just used the most beautiful Shea butter oil in my baby, pregnancy & postnatal oils. Buy it and other lovely fairtrade products from Shea butter cottage in Berkshire. Shea butter is brilliant for dry skin and eczema, it stimulates new cell growth and is therefore great for helping heal scaring and to help […]
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Eczema and Kinesiology

By Jun 21, 2009 0 comment
I came across this article about how Kinesiology has helped some babies and adults with eczema. There are other good tips here too on other possible allergy/eczema triggers like indigo dye in jeans, the food colouring tartrazine, house dust mites and many more.
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