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Weekly meal planner


sugar – sweet beauty cheats!

Written by Annabel Wyatt After my two week long attempt at sacking off the sugar, having made all the necessary food swaps, fighting the sugar demon head on with it’s glittery crystal dragon tail like something out of Adventure Time or Alice in Wonderland; I’m starting to feel some of the benefits! Hey, even my […]
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mozzarella salad

Going veggie

After Christmas I decided I would give up meat. Having had several failed attempts during the last 10 years to go veggie, I think I have finally committed to being a vegetarian. Reasons are purely animal friendly and also for eco benefits, but I am also interested to see if it helps with my hormones! […]
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My meal planner – comments welcome!

Here is a weekly meal planner (evening dinners only) for those who want to give it a go… Monday: Pasta, pesto (check salt content is not to high) , Asparagus stalks (steamed), toasted Cashew nuts and/or steamed Haddock, spring onions, red onion, Spinach. (Pesto – Asda do a good one in their ‘Extra special’ range […]
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