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What I've learnt on blackout nights…

What I've learnt on blackout nights…

blackout nights

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By Annabel Wyatt.

For the last couple of months, me and the family have been hosting regular blackout nights  in our home as part of our “bonding time” slash “internet/trash media cleansing”. After origionally reading a blog post from Hannah Maggs here, we want to share a few things we’ve learnt along the way…


blackout nights

Letting the computer have a nap!


Less media influence in our lives means:

Higher self esteem

It seems, without the constant bombardment of media influence in our house, the rate at which I were to judge myself unnecessarily has dropped so much! Obviously, we still have the TV/ computer or radio on etc most days, but the perspective gained from the nights when we don’t have them on is great! On out blackout nights I get to detox myself of all that “diet this, diet that” rubbish and just concentrate on being “us” which is wonderful!

Less child tantrums

Starting blackout nights have been a great way to introduce a routine of not having all media outlets on every night. This has really worked in blocking out those oh so addictive kids TV adverts for toys and gadgets that we parents hate right? It’s also taught my son to really get the most out of his toys, do more homework and appreciate entertainment from things other than Ipads and Gameboys!

Money Saved

The same can also be said for myself! I’m not getting that constant “see advert – want to buy product” desire that I used to get from the TV and the Internet. I’m using up a lot more of my products and have saved probably tens of pounds on impulse buys and idle purchases of things I’ve seen on the telly.

More chores done

Yes it sounds totally sad, but I’m getting so much more done without the accidental “falling down the rabbit hole” of watching videos, looking through people’s photos and clicking on constant Buzzfeed links! I thought I was more mature than that but apparently not hehe! I’ve been my own parent forced myself to get my shit done.

Blackout nights… you are definitely here to stay!


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