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By Annabel Wyatt


A couple of weeks ago, I made the discovery of Tricia Huffman’s site Your Joyologist and wanted to share the love! Basically, she’s a touring sound engineer who helps to keep musicians and artists happy and healthy while on tour and is helping everybody in-between too.

She’s got some great methods for staying positive and on track and her social pages are littered with uplifting little mantras to keep you smiling throughout your day (personally, I love reading things like that hehe)

So how do we become our own Joyologist then?

Plan your goals properly

Instead of thinking about something you want to achieve or allowing dreams to remain just dreams forever, put them into action and properly plan your goals. Write a diary of your success and plot the goals you want to achieve in real terms (eg: dates and time limits) you need some form of structure or a deadline to really get yourself motivated! 

Create regular check-ins

Once you have a goal plotted down in terms of when certain points are going to be achieved, check in with yourself at least once a week and keep a diary of the successes you’ve had (perhaps in a blog), what didn’t work and what you’ve learnt. This way your record of success is noted, has value and is a resource to inspire you to move forward.

Nourish yourself

Getting the right food and exercise plays such a massive role in overall happiness. By allowing time to feed yourself foods that will take care of your insides and do regular exercise, you create a much more positive role model within yourself to achieve the things you want to achieve. Check our new recipe page for scrummy healthy foods!

Think positively

Everybody has setbacks throughout their lives, and when these happen, it’s important not to allow yourself to become trapped in a spiral of negative thinking. It’s important to take time out to reflect upon these setbacks as learning curves and miles stones in how strong you’ve grown! Everybody’s life journey is different so it’s important to remember not to compare yourself to others and to allow yourself time to appreciate your own worth and your own awesomeness!


So, I think we’ve earned a bit of a group hug moment there! Leave a comment below or on any of our social channels, we want to hear what your new goals are and if you’ve become your own Joyologist!

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