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By Annabel Wyatt.

As we all know, if you live in London, chances are you’ll live in small spaces. Thank the property prices and our economy; thank the London centric structure of England. But there are ways to make your small space, totally liveable and lovely, with a few ideas to make the most of the small spaces you have!

Doors doors doors

In any room, especially bedroom, it’s often the wardrobes and cupboards that dominate space. To maximise their use as something other than just a box you throw your stuff in, think about the storage possibilities inside them and what can be achieved with just a few adjustments. If you can, try removing the doors of your wardrobes and replacing them with a curtain runner, saving valuable space when accessing clothes. If that’s not an option, there are plenty of inner door storage solutions that can be added on the inside of all wardrobe and cupboard doors allowing you to stash away so much more stuff!

Living in small spaces

The closet office – Source


Walls and Height

If you’re lucky enough to live in a small space with high walls, try creating storage space higher up! Saving the lower levels for decorative use and maximising on ground space at the same time!

Where’s the light?

Possibly the most important factor in making a small space seem bigger, make the most of your light sources and a bright, airy room always looks bigger! Use a well-placed mirror to bounce more light around the room and give the illusion of a bigger space at the same time.


Is it time to mention the “D” word now? Can I? I’m talking dust! The dreaded scourge of all small space dwellers. Get into the habit of making a lot more small dusting jobs and generally being much more house proud. Small spaces can get filthy very quickly. Get your hands on some non-scented cleaning supplies from natural retailers too as heavy cleaning perfume can overpower small spaces and irritate sensitive noses.

We’d love to see what you do to maximise your space at home, send us a snap to any of soothe-me’s social channels below!

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