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sugar – sweet beauty cheats!


Written by Annabel Wyatt

After my two week long attempt at sacking off the sugar, having made all the necessary food swaps, fighting the sugar demon head on with it’s glittery crystal dragon tail like something out of Adventure Time or Alice in Wonderland; I’m starting to feel some of the benefits! Hey, even my jeans feel slightly loose, I’m enjoying my vegetables more, am less of an emotional wreck and aren’t screaming mad for coffee every morning- Hazare!


Now the effects just need to happen on my face…


I apparently look a lot more “fresh” some of my friends have said which I’ll take gladly, thanks! I think it’s now about time I got back on the sugar bandwagon now, except I’m not going to eat it, I’m going to put it on my skin!

Yes guys you heard it right! Sugar is actually a pretty great beauty tool for delivering softer, more moisturised skin when used in the form of a scrub or mixed with rose water as a toner/ tonic spray. You see sugar is actually a humectant, <> which means it absorbs moisture from the nearby air making it a perfect addition to any face scrubs, masks or tonics! Sugar also is used as a preservative as it doesn’t spoil (even the wetter molasses kinds see here <link>) so is a great natural cleanser, just remember to take your makeup off first before you use any home-made sugar scrubs!

Before you boll over to the sugar pot in the kitchen (which I totally did when researching this post) it’s a good idea to think about the sugar you use. White or brown sugar, the normal kind, and raw or Turbinado sugar, has a much larger grain and so can be coarser and is best kept to use on your body i.e. your bum, backs of thighs or legs. Sugar with a smaller grain eg: molasses, caster or check the grind level on the packet as they can vary from X6 to X10 which would be an icing sugar like consistency.


Once you’ve decided on the size of your sugar grain and what you want to use it for, you can start playing with mixtures! Try a simple base scrub: lemon juice, honey and sugar, and then try adding a few drops of base oils like Tea Tree, mint or lavender to scent your scrubs and add more spot fighting properties!

I love making a mixture of course Turbinado sugar, honey and tea tree or mint and massaging that into my feet in the bath, I literally am left with sweet feet! I also make a mix of molasses sugar, honey, coconut oil and tea tree and using that as a face scrub a couple of times a week.

A final word to the wise… be sure to remove all traces of your sugar scrub masks to avoid unwanted encounters with bees and other summer time insects! You will taste that good! haha.



Some more interesting reading on the reasons why you and your skin “look tired” (the dreaded words!)

A little guide on the different sugars.




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  1. Cleo
    5 years ago

    Hello there! Great post. I’m very impressed with the sugar ditch in the diet. I need to do this. Really like the foot rub idea – I want sweet feet!

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