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Yellow clay soothes and refines skin

Yellow Clay Skin Benefits

French Yellow Clay is rich in fine mineral particles including Iron Oxide which gives the clay its yellow colour. Its is free from aluminum and helps re-mineralise the skin. French Yellow Clay draws out impurities via the skin, detoxifying and helping decongest blocked pores, essential minerals within the clay are released helping heal and repair the skin. It […]
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Bumble bee on lavender

Essential oils for the Garden

Using essential oils for the garden can be a good natural way to treat bugs and nasties! By choosing not to use toxic, chemical-based products we are abstaining from polluting our very beautiful planet – what’s not to like! Essential oils have a huge number of uses for health, beauty and around the home, but […]
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Make your own skincare workshops

By Mar 18, 2015 0 comment
Tomorrow will be the first (dry run) of one of my make your own skincare workshops. To include leaning about the good and the ugly ingredients used and a little about the history of the commercial skincare industry and the out dated model it is based on. Then folks will get down and dirty making […]
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