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Pregnancy skin care

Its very important to take care to use very natural skincare during pregnancy, because it is thought that we can absorb around 60% of harmful chemicals through the skin into the body. Therefore they could possibly be in some way damaging to the baby. For this reason I chose to use only natural skin care […]
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Morning, blughh

By Jun 04, 2009 0 comment
I was sick this morning! Hurrah. My baby isn’t going to be ill and stupid after all!! T Links: New Scientist (scroll down for comments from mums ALL say its bull!), The Telegraph, tips on coping with morning sickness, more advice
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Super soft beautiful feet

By May 15, 2009 0 comment
If you are anything like me you will tend to forget somewhat about your feet. That’s until there is suddenly some sun, you pop your flip flops on, yay! Happily make your way out into the world, tra la la merrily flip flopping along to catch the tube, hop on, smiling, sit down and then […]
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By May 01, 2009 0 comment
This blog is a space to talk about living life naturally and healthily. I am hoping it can be a place for mums who want to use natural skin care on their babies, through to men who want to try organic skin oils. A place to gain simple and usable advice on natural skin care […]
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